Beyond U-tube: An Innovative Use of Online Digital Video Analysis in Teacher Education

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Lane, J. M., & Fetherston, T (2008). Beyond U-tube: An Innovative use of Online Digital Video Analysis in Teacher Education. Proceedings of International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL). (pp. 249-254). Reading, England. Academic Publishing Limited. Conference website available here.


This paper reports how digital technologies can be successfully incorporated into traditional teaching programmes to support the learning of a new generation of learners. The paper describes two e-learning tools, in part one it describes the introduction of LessonLab an innovative e-learning venture with preservice teachers. This web-based platform called LessonLab used with six cohorts of preservice teachers approximately 600 students, of whom 25% participated in this evaluation. A special feature of this platform is its ability to house streaming video and a range of digital video analysis functions. Research was conducted to determine the effectiveness of this use of digital technology. Quantitative and qualitative data were obtained from participants, which revealed that the majority of participants benefited from this use of technology to support their learning. Part two of the paper describes a new application developed by one of the authors. This application called Artichoke is a cost effective digital video analysis tool, which can be used in research and teaching applications. These studies have relevance for all educators who are keen to use technology to promote effective learning and thinking for today’s` learners.