Design Concerns in Creating New Diagrams

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Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Information Science




McDermid, D. (2008). Design Concerns in Creating New Diagrams. In Proceedings of the 14th International ANZSYS Australia and New Zealand Systems Society Conference


This paper describes three concerns relevant to anyone interested in developing a new diagram. Diagrams are used widely in many spheres. In the area of information systems development, diagrams are used by both developers and users alike to communicate, to analyse, to verify and so on. Further, over the years many different types of diagram have been created by experts in the field if not in creating new diagrams. Yet within the Information Systems community little has been recorded by way of documenting the kinds of issue, systemic design concerns of diagram development if you will, that any diagram developer should consider if they wish to leverage past experience in the field. This paper reflects on experiences in developing a diagram that models business rules and identifies three concerns that appear to be relevant to diagram developers in information systems generally if not to a wider audience.

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