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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Brogan, M. P., & Vreugdenburg, S. Y. (2008). You've Got Mail: Accountability and End User Attittudes to Email Management. . Proceedings of International Conference on e-Government. (pp. 63-70). RMIT University Melbourne Australia. Academic Publishing Limited. Conference proceedings Available here.


In a pioneering ethnographic study of end user responses to the problem of ‘information overload’ Whittaker and Sidner (1996) found that the design of systems primarily as methods of asynchronous communication, posed significant information management problems for users. In another contemporaneous study, David Bearman (1993) extended understanding of the implications of end user email management behavior by identifying significant accountability implications for organizations arising from the use of email. Recent case studies in the United States and Australia (Leopold, 2008; Raleigh Chronicle, 2008; Strutt, and Taylor, 2007) have once again focused attention on the accountability consequences for Government of email management. Employing elements of Whittaker and Sidner’s (1996) typology, in a research design involving quantitative and case study methods, this study explores end user attitudes and behavior in email management with consequences for Australian Government accountability in an era of e-Government. The paper addresses the need of information policy makers, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and information and records managers to be informed about current vectors in compliant email management.

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