Discourse analysis as a VET research tool: Analysing the frontline management initiative

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Management




Barratt-Pugh, L. (2008). Discourse Analysis as a VET research tool: analysing the frontline management initiative. Proceedings of AVETRA 2008 - the 11th Annual Conference Program. Adelaide, Australia.


AVETRA provides a unique national opportunity to discuss not just what VET research is producing, but how VET research is actually done. This paper explores the use of discourse analysis as an analytical tool within VET research using the evaluation of the frontline management initiative (FMI) as a basis for this discussion. The paper begins by discussing the rationale for discourse analysis as a research approach and the applicability of such an approach within VET research. It indicates how a framework for discourse analysis was constructed and operationalised. The paper then provides an overview of the study of the VET frontline management initiative and provides examples of the subsequent conceptualisation produced by this form of analysis. In conclusion, the paper evaluates discourse analysis as an analytical tool for VET research, indicating in the case of the FMI how discourse analysis illuminated some critical relations that have informed VET policy and practice within organisations.

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