Wine tourism experiences in New Zealand: an exploration of male and female winery visitors

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Journal Article


Faculty of Economics University of Zagreb

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Zagreb, Croatia


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




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Fraser, R. A., Alonso, A. D., & Cohen, D. A. (2008). Wine tourism experiences in New Zealand: an exploration of male and female winery visitors. Acta turistica, 20(1).

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In the last decade numerous wine tourism studies have contributed knowledge in areas of the winery experience that included visitors' satisfaction, their perceptions about their wine experience, or potential post-winery visit purchasing patterns. However, identifying particular visitor groups that may have more commercial potential, or whether differences exist among visitors in terms of gender, age, or origin, vis-à-vis their behaviour at the winery, are some critical issues that have received less attention in wine tourism research. The present study investigates male and female winery visitors in New Zealand and differences between these two groups in several areas of their winery experience, including their winery expenditures, wine consumption, and overall satisfaction. The findings have several implications for wineries open to the public, not only in terms of their potential practical applicability for winery businesses, but also as they demonstrate that different strategies might be needed by operators in their efforts to better provide for these two visitor groups.

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