Analysis of Importance of Tool Coatings in Metal Machining

Document Type

Journal Article


Technical University Kosice - Presov


Faculty of Regional Professional Studies


School of Regional Professional Studies / Centre for Sustainable Regional Futures




Audy, J. (2009). Analysis of Importance of Tool Coatings in Metal Machining. Manufacturing Engineering, 8(3), 27 - 30.


Paper is focused on analysis of cutting efficiency of recent tool coatings in metal machining. The main intention is to analyse two most popular coatings, namely TiN and TiAlN. Ever since their introduction, debate and science have always raged over which coating is better TiN or TiAlN? Recently there have been more articles written about this pair of coatings than all the rest put together. Some articles promote TiN other in contrast are in favour of TiAlN. Also, they praise and/or condemn cutting efficiency of one or another type of coatings. Consequently, this paper is focused directly to this problem. Among other mutually related things such as thickness, orientation and bonding of coatings with the tool substrate materials, the main research question is focused whether the TiAlN coatings are actually as good as their reputation suggest.

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