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Legal Studies Program, Edith Cowan University

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Joondalup, Western Australia


Legal Studies Program


Omaji, P. (1993). Regulating school discipline problems: An evaluation of the Carnarvon Primary School discipline policy: Final research report. Joondalup, Australia: Legal Studies Program, Ediyth Cowan University.


Schools in Australia and their surrounding communities have become gravely concerned about student behaviour problems. It is now commonly perceived that the violent component of this behaviour is on the increase. In one study, Omaji (1992a) showed that it is unwise for governments not to pay constructive attention to such perception and, also, that research and schools themselves have a critical role to play in dealing with student violence. In another study Omaji (1993) showed that options that schools have for managing or preventing the discipline problems or violence range from discipline policy, through pastoral counselling to the development of school curricula that promote non-violent attitudes.

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