A Typology of Small Producers in the Champagne Industry

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Faculty of Business and Law


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




Charters, S., & Menival, D. (2008, July). A typology of small producers in the champagne industry. In 4th International Wine Business Research Conference, Siena.


This study examines small wine producers in champagne (vignerons), specifically by attempting to categorise them based on the structure of their business and their attitudes to business management, in particular marketing. The research used qualitative techniques to obtain in-depth data over a range of sub-regions in Champagne. The findings suggest four categories of vigneron and one sub-category, based on an analysis which examines market orientation and a dichotomous internal/external approach to the business. Most vignerons have a focus which is oriented towards their vines, their land or their family, with a few being more fixed towards profits, or on total business management. The findings are relevant for wine businesses and their advisors, helping them to understand how to improve the management and focus of their enterprise.

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