Marketing innovation: Which Way to Competitiveness?

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




Clark-Murphy, D. (2008). Marketing innovation: Which way to Competitiveness?. In Marketing: Shifting the focus from mainstream to offbeat: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. Sydney, Australia. Abstract only available.


This paper questions Australia's adoption of innovation models that are commonly used overseas because different contexts may provide different results. Key performance statistics are compared to examine whether differences in population size amongst countries may significantly influence the relative number of marketing ideas being generated, and subsequently the income and global competitiveness. Australia was ranked third in each key performance criteria; ideas and income generated on a per capita basis; but 19th in the global competitiveness index. Engaging in activities to proactively initiate innovative ideas is a seductive opportunity for Australia to increase its competitiveness. Idea generation and management allow a relatively small population to generate a disproportionately high volume of ideas, producing increased income and competitiveness.

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