Data Recovery from PalmmsgV001

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Journal Article


Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law

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Farmville USA


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Information Science




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Pasupatheeswaran, S. (2008). Data recovery from PalmmsgV001. The Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law: JDFSL, 3(4), 43.

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Both SMS and MMS data analysis is an important factor in mobile forensic analysis. Author did not find any mobile forensic tool that is capable of extracting short messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) from Palm Treo 750. SMS file of Palm Treo 750 is called PalmMgeV001 and it is a proprietary file system. A research work done to find a method to recover SMS data from PalmMsgV001 file. This paper is going to describe the research work and its findings. This paper also discusses a methodology that will help recover SMS data from PalmMsgV001. The PalmMsgV001 file is analysed using hex analysis method. Solutions were found to recover each message from every folder like Inbox, Outbox, Sentbox, Draft and Template. The research work partially contributes to improving mobile forensic analysis since the finding will be helpful to forensic tool developers. At this stage, this study will concern only the SMS part and not the MMS part.

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