Recognising Practice-Led Research ... at Last!

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Conference Proceeding


Perth Institute of Contempory Arts


Faculty of Education and Arts


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Green, L. R. (2007). Recognising practice-led research ... at last! Proceedings of Hatched 07 Arts Research Symposium. Perth: Australia. Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Available here


Practice-led research is a notoriously difficult concept to define – and this challenge is exacerbated by the tendency of arts practice to celebrate the novel, the original, the unusual and to subvert the expected. No sooner will the boundaries of acceptable arts enquiry have been enlarged to accommodate practice-led research then artists will be challenging these limitations (Petelin, 2006). Nonetheless, some things can be claimed of practice-led research. For example, it is: • Subject to its own standards of rigour and validity; • Assessable according to judgements of ‘good’ and ‘bad’; • Experiential and qualitative; • Non-quantifiable; • The only methodology available through which to pursue some research questions. The definition and process of research implies a prolonged engagement with a specific research question, or a suite of inter-connected questions. This paper begins that process with respect to the recognition of practice-led research, re-introduced to the Australian research environment as a part of the proposed Research Quality Framework (and following on from decade-long recognition by the British Research Assessment Exercise).