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Australian Science Teachers Association


Faculty of Education and Arts


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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Hackling, M., Peers, S. & Prain, V. (2007). Primary Connections: Reforming science teaching in Australian primary schools. Teaching Science, 53(3), 12-16.


Concerns about the status and quality of science teaching in Australian primary schools led the Australian Academy of Science to develop Primary Connections over 2004-8 with funding from DEST and the support of states and territories. Primary Connections is a teacher professional learning program supported with curriculum resources that aims to enhance learning outcomes in science and the literacies of science by supporting both inservice and preservice primary teachers to teach science effectively. Primary Connections is a systematic, widespread and innovative reform that complements programs within states and territories. The program is based on an innovative teaching and learning approach that links science with literacy, uses cooperative learning, embeds assessment with teaching and learning, and follows an inquiry process including student-planned investigations. Research has demonstrated that the program improves teachers' confidence, self-efficacy and practice, students' learning, and the status of science within schools.

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