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Love, P. & Standing, C. (2007). Delivering the Business Value of Information Technology: Evaluation Practices of Construction SME's. Proceedings of IADIS International Conference on e-Commerce 2007. Perth: We-B Centre, Edith Cowan University. pp.307-319


With cal/sfrom the govemmentfor the construction industry to improve its peiformance and openly embrace information technology (IT), this research sought to examine the practices that organisations use to evaluate and justify their investments in IT. It was considered that this would enable those areas for improving the evaluation process to be identified and the business value of IT was maximised. A questionnaire survey was used to obtain information about the evaluation practices of 126 construction organisations. The analysis of their responses identified three key findings. First, different organisation types significantly differ in the amount they investment in IT and firm size (i.e. in terms of turnover and number of employees) does not influence investment levels in IT. Second, the evaluation process that is adopted by construction organisations is used as a both control and learning mechanism. Third, a major barrier to justifying IT investments was attributed to having no strategic vision in place. Thus, it is concluded that if construction organisations are to leverage the benefits of IT and deliver business value to customers and suppliers in their supply chain then IT should form an integral part of their business strategy.

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