E-commerce and innovation in a club environment: Improving member services in Australian golf clubs

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Accounting, Finance and Economics




Parry, G. (2007). E-Commerce and Innovation in a Club Environment: Improving Member Services in Australian Golf Clubs. In Proceedings of the eBRF Conference. Tampere, Finland: Tampere University/University of Jyvaskyla.


Every industry faces a strategic challenge in the new economy: to find out whether and how e-commerce can be used to change or supplement its business model, and to take advantage of this potential to explore new business opportunities or react to challenges. This paper discuses two Internet-enabled innovations in Australian golf clubs. These innovations come at a time when private golf clubs in Australia face declining membership and hence pressure to provide better services to members in order to maintain membership revenue. One innovation enables handicap management for golfers from clubs around Australia, the other is the development of web sites at individual clubs. In depth interviews conducted at a number of clubs and service providers suggest these innovations have increased the economic value delivered to golf administrators and club members by connecting clubs for centralised handicap processing and by using the potential of the web to improve aspects of service delivery for club members. Provide samples. Future work includes selection of a matrix of 100 or more samples, demonstrating a variety of abilities; ranking of samples using a ‘pairwise’ method; distribution of outcomes to stakeholders; in December a symposium for design educators to demonstrate and further discuss outcomes.

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