Gender differences in small business strategic planning: Do women plan more than men?

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Curtin University of Technology


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Management




Walker, E. A., Wang, C. , & Redmond, J. L. (2007). Gender Differences in Small Business Strategic Planning: Do Women Plan More Than Men?. Proceedings of The Inaugural International Women and Leadership Conference. (pp. 354-369). Fremantle. Curtin University of Technology.


As the world of work changes and uncertainty continues in regard to employment conditions, more women are motivated to start their own businesses. However, many women-owned businesses are very small and appear to have limited growth capacity. There are few business role models for women in corporate Australia. So how do women break in? The evidence suggests that not only do many women have the capacity to grow their businesses, they also have the desire. Given the positive relationship between strategic planning and business success, this paper considers whether women are more likely than men to strategically plan their business growth. A new generation of women business leaders who are strategic thinkers is something that Australia desperately needs.

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