Silence as Stillness? Sonic experiences in art using Infrasonics

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Education and Arts


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Hope, C. (2007). Silence As Stillness? Sonic Experiences in Art Using Infrasonics. In Proceeding, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth: CADE: Computers in Art and Design Education Conference 12 (pp. 118-121). Curtin University of Technology: Perth, Western Australia.


Is silence the ultimate depiction of stillness in a sonic environment? Not all music is audible, if it is created using a frequency range high or low enough. Developments in sound reproduction, measurement and creation technologies have allowed us to control the frequency and volume of sound more fully, challenging our idea of what silence is. There are certain ranges within the low frequency sound spectrum that teeter on the cusp of audibility, but are never silent. Rather, they involve entire structures or bodies in the ‘listening’ experience through vibration, ultimately allowing listeners an individualised role in their own experience of a work. This paper discussed some artists approaches to low frequency sound production in composition, installation, and performance.

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