Building leadership capacity in public secondary schools

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Leggett, B., & Joll, L. (2007). Building leadership capacity in public secondary schools.


This paper explores the ways in which a leadership style of enabling can be effective in building the leadership capacity in public schools and in leading the learning of secondary school staff; specifically, principals, heads of learning areas and teacher-leaders. It examines the use of this leadership approach in state-wide initiatives within the ʻhigh stakesʼ arena of upper secondary schooling. The paper reports on the success of the Post Compulsory Assessment and Performance Project with its focus on improving the outcomes of Year 12 students in participating public schools, and the subsequent expansion of this project into a major initiative to introduce Teacher Development Centres designed to implement a new senior secondary curriculum. These centres have become the focal point for enabling public school staff to grapple with major curricular change in post-compulsory education, against a background of unrelenting media attention on outcomes based education.

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