Explorations in measuring metacognition: The design of an open source assessment instrument for an online setting

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Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Communications and Arts / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications




Clarkson, B. D., & McMahon, M. T. (2007). Explorations in measuring metacognition: the design of an open source assessment instrument for an online setting. Proceedings of Ed-Media 2007. (pp. 2170-2176). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Available here


By its nature metacognition is hard to define, hard to measure and by all the evidence, hard to teach. Arguably then, an online instrument to help students review their own metacognitive development would be welcome if it could be proved valid and reliable. This paper reports on a continuing project to develop an online tool for assessing metacognition in tertiary settings. The three aims are to develop an instrument that provides an objective measure, grounded in a sound theory of metacognition; that is statistically reliable and valid; and that is accessible by the broader educational and academic community in a highly usable form and at no cost. Once its quality has been established it will be released into the public domain. This will allow users to contribute further to the dataset and hence contribute to improvement in the quality of the instrument.