Decision Making Clusters and Gender Issues in Retirement Savings

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Conference Proceeding


Society of Heterodox Economists


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Speelman, C. P., Clark-Murphy, M. C., & Gerrans, P. A. (2006). Decision Making Clusters and Gender Issues in Retirement Savings. Proceedings of Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference. (pp. 337-346). The Universtiy of New South Wales. Society of Heterodox Economists. Available here


The aim of the present study is to explore gender differences in retirement savings decisions by considering the investment choice history of the members of an Australian retirement savings fund. HESTA is an industry superannuation fund for the health sector and has a high proportion of female members. We use a two-step cluster analysis to examine whether welldefined sub-groups exist in the health industry as identified by their investment choices and member demographics. Four distinct groups were found, varying mainly along gender and age lines, however there were also clear distinctions between the groups in terms of the risk of the investments they chose. Results are presented in the context of other work done by the authors with a similar sample.

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