Propagation of an initial model for evaluating operational enterprise systems

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Law


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Fulford, R. (2006). Propagation of an initial model for evaluating operational enterprise systems. Proceedings of the 17th Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2006.


The lifespan of large-scale information systems (IS), known primarily as enterprise systems (ES), has significantly increased and it is likely that this increase will have considerable implications for their management and evaluation. IS has traditionally been managed through cyclic renewal where systems become outmoded and are subsequently replaced. This cyclic process enables applications to be continually evaluated against the business needs and the impact of IS on an organisation viewed with a degree of objectivity. The sudden increased lifespan of ES has given rise to the need to evaluate the business value during the life of the system. This paper posits that formal evaluation methods need to be employed during the operational lifecycle of enterprise systems. The proposal will be used as the basis of forthcoming research into the evaluation of operational enterprise systems.

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