Evaluating and realising the B2BEC benefits

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Faculty of Business and Law


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Huang, Y. A., Lin, C., & Fulford, R. (2006). Evaluating and realising the B2BEC benefits.


The extremely positive multi-factor productivity figures in some industry sectors indicates that e-business and IT investment maturity can produce outstanding industry wide improvements. Yet, very little research has been conducted to examine the effects of information technology (IT) maturity on the use of evaluation methodologies and the management of electronic commerce (EC) benefits. As part of a research program a survey and two in-depth case studies of these practices and processes in large Australian organizations were conducted. A key contribution of this research is to extend the Limits-to-Value model to examine the relationship between the levels of IT maturity and the adoption of IT investment evaluation and benefits realization methodologies as well as its effect on B2BEC benefits. The funding indicates that IT maturity has positive impact on the adoption of these methodologies and in turn organisational performance. A number of issues and problems have also emerged from the analysis of the data collected. These findings will assist organizations in making better business decisions. Recommendations and future research directions are also provided.

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