Supporting the teaching and learning of business systems development with technology

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Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research


Faculty of Business and Law


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This article was originally published as: Garner, S. K. (2006). Supporting the teaching and learning of business systems development with technology. Proceedings of International Conference on Business and Information (BAI). Singapore. Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research. Conference website available here.


This paper discusses how technology is being used to support the teaching and learning of Business Systems Development (BSD) in information systems courses. It begins by describing the current "conventional" methods including the use of case studies with role play and the use of commercial and educational CASE (computer assisted software engineering) tools. Three ways in which technology is now being used to improve BSD education are then discussed, these being on-line systems demonstrations, technology supported case studies, and CASE tools that support educational discourse. The technology supported case studies are web-based, make extensive use of hyperlinks, and allow students to explore a realistic business organisation in a similar way to a systems analyst in the real world. Finally, suggestions are made as to how such technology supported case studies can be improved, at relatively low cost, by the inclusion of electronic video clips. Such video clips could be used to improve the explanations of the virtual personnel within a case and also in dialogues between students and these personnel.

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