Websites Recommended by Australian Healthcare Practitioners' for Use by Overweight and Obese Adolescents

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This article was originally published as: Mahncke, R. J., & Armstrong, L. (2006). Websites recommended by Australian Healthcare practitioners' for use by overweight and obese adolescents. Proceedings of International Conference on Information Management and Business . (pp. 408-415). University of Western Australia, WA. University of Western Sydney. Original article available here


The general public are increasingly using the Internet to access information to assist in making health related decisions. Given this user demand for electronic health (e-health) technologies, there is a new area of preventative self-care applications emerging globally. E-health is the use of the Internet, mobile devices and other electronic technologies to deliver health care services through “teaching, monitoring (e.g. physiological data), and interaction” (Eysenbach, 2001; Oh, Rizo, Enkin & Jadad, 2005). An area of e-health of interest to this research is in regards to diet and exercise, as well as the ability to provide ongoing online support. Such e-health applications create opportunities to deliver a number of health benefits to users, including adolescents. Studies indicate that adolescents are actively seeking health related information and support online. This paper will discuss some Internet enabling applications available online, as well research results to ascertain the availability of e-health applications for use by overweight and obese adolescents in Australia.

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