Using a Tablet PC with young children

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Australian Council for Computers in Education


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This article was originally published as: Newhouse, C. P. (2006). Using a Tablet PC with young children. Proceedings of 2006 Australian Computers in Education Conference: It's up here for thinking. Cairns QLD. Australian Council for Computers in Education. Original article available here


This paper reports on clinical research into the use of a Tablet PC with a 4-year-old child to support learning. The study was designed to begin to investigate the value in using Tablet PCs with young children and in particular to determine when the technology may be appropriate to use. Some educators and other stakeholders have suggested benefits for the learning of children when they use Tablet PCs but much of it comes from the manufacturers point of view. It is therefore important that these perceived benefits be investigated systematically using clinical and field trials to compare the use of a Tablet PC with the use of a desktop computer. This study found that while there was some value in the use of drawing tools and the child had little difficulty adapting to the use of the Tablet PC, much of the claimed value was not evident largely due to the pre-writing stage of the child.

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