Applying Data Mining Techniques in the Selection of Plant Traits

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Conference Proceeding


International Association for the Scientific Knowleldge


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Diepeveen, D., & Armstrong, L. (2009). Applying data mining techniques in the selection of plant traits. Proceedings of E-Activity and Leading Technol. (pp. 157-160). Seville, Spain. International Association for the Scientific Knowledge.


In the agricultural sector, farmers are provided with crop related information by various research agencies in order to make critical decisions about which is the most profitable crop variety choice. Research agencies provide information which is generic, rather than being tailored to the individual farmers cropping situation. A number of specific plant and growth traits are used to establish the most suitable crop varieties. When selecting crop varieties for release to growers, the application of data mining techniques to crop research data enables the customization of information to each individual farmers farming situation. The challenge for agricultural research perspective is to identify the key attributes that determine crop performance across different geographical locations, soils and climatic conditions. This paper investigates the use of data mining techniques to determine crop performance variability. The results from this investigation may be used to explain crop performance variability across different regions of Western Australia. This will provide farmers with a greater facility to make crop variety selection decisions that will maximize their farm profitability.

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