An Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection Architecture to Secure Wireless Network

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Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Security Science / Centre for Security Research




Lim, S. Y., & Jones, A. (2009). An Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection Architecture to Secure Wireless Networks.


Ensuring that the appropriate level of security is available in wireless networks is absolutely essential. To aid in the defense and detection of potential threats, WLANs should employ security solutions that include an anomaly-based intrusion detection system (ADS) that identify wireless network intrusions by gathering and analyzing the data that is available on the system. This paper is to propose an hierarchical, extensible and flexible detection architecture to thwart such threats. By splitting anomaly detection into several stages it is possible to minimize the resources used as the common functionality of a system is less affected by a hierarchical system than by a system that keeps the whole of the detection functionality in one stage. This architecture can also be extended to include new anomaly detection mechanisms into the basic stage of the detection system. It can be deployed in a range of different networks and scenarios as a result of its flexibility.

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