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This article was originally published as: Lin, C., & Standing, C. (2005). The Investigation of the Processes of ISIIT Investment Evaluation and Benefits Realization in B2B-EC Organizations. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Information Management and Business. Taipei, Taiwan: Shih Chien University. p.144-151.


ISIIT investments in B2B-EC are used by organizations, as part of their business strategies, to assist in the inter-organization acquisition of goods into the value chain and to provide interfaces between customers, vendors, suppliers and sellers. However, the issue of expected and actual benefits realized from ISIIT investments in B2B-EC has generated a significant amount of debote in the ISIIT literature amongst researchers and practitioners. This research study showed that organizational satisfaction of B2BEC usage had a direct relationship with the adoption of the ISIIT investment evaluation methodology. There was also a tendency for organizations to evaluate less when their organizational constraints were high. Additionally, there appeared to be a direct relationship between the evaluation constraints and use of both methodologies. Finally, the level of evaluation benefits depends on the use of either or both methodologies.

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