An exploratory study on the role of management tone in hotel guest questionnaires

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Public Management


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




Ogle, A., Nosaka, K., & Pettigrew, S. (2005). An Exploratory Study On The Role Of Management Tone In Hotel Guest Questionnaires. In Proceedings of ANZMAC 2005: An exploratory study on the role of management tone in hotel guest questionnaires. Fremantle, Australia: Graduate School of Management UWA.


The hotel guest questionnaire is an industry tradition which hoteliers tout as an important method of eliciting guest feedback. The literature, however, shows that the response rates of the questionnaire are dismal. While alternative methods of guest feedback are available, the questionnaire predominates in the industry. This study scrutinises this self-administered instrument to examine the factors that influence usage. It is proposed that the management tone, which denotes how the management is perceived by the guest in terms of posture and attitude towards management-guest communication through the language used in the questionnaire, is a factor that affects the perception of overall quality which in turn influences usage of the instrument. It is further proposed that management tone and the emotion it stimulates can impact on customer behaviour, and therefore hoteliers should be cognizant of these factors when designing and administering their feedback questionnaire, an ubiquitous guestroom collateral. This has the potential to provide management with the opportunity to have a service encounter with every guest during a stay.