Drivers and Inhibitors of the Adoption of Wireless Handheld Technology in the Healthcare Industry: views from selected WA stakeholders

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Quaddus, M., Fink, D., Gururajan, R., Vuori, T., & Soar, J. (2005). Drivers and inhibitors of the adoption of wireless handheld technology in the healthcare industry: views from selected WA stakeholders. Health Informatics Conference 2005 and HINZ 2005: Proceedings, 197.


The use of wireless hand held devices is becoming popular in healthcare applications for flexibility and mobility. While the concept is attractive, difficulties encountered by health professionals included the small size of the device, problems in fitting current data collection forms into one screen of a handheld device and data entry using the 'graffiti' option. It appears that prior studies, while highlighting the importance of wireless applications in healthcare, failed to ascertain factors that determine the adoption of these applications in healthcare. This study conducted a focus group interview to ascertain the factors of adoption (and barriers) of wireless applications in order to enhance heathcare data management. Preliminary findings of this focus group interviews are presented here.

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