Consumer perspectives on mobile advertising and marketing

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Public Management


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This article was originally published as: Standing, C., Benson, S., Karjaluoto, H. (2005). Consumer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising and Marketing. Proceedings of ANZMAC 2005. Perth: University of Western Australia. Conference website available here.


Mobile marketing is set to make a big impact in Australia. However, experience from the use of email for marketing purposes demonstrates that there are a number of pitfalls that companies can fall into and which consumers react badly to. The paper examines various theoretical approaches that can be used to investigate effective m-marketing strategies. We use an adapted version of the unified view of user acceptance of IT to determine the factors that impact on the intention to participate in m-marketing. A survey of mobile phone users shows that consumers view the benefits of m-marketing as saving money, saving time and providing useful information. Consumers think that granting permission is an important factor in a decision to participate in mmarketing. In addition, financial incentives can substantially improve the level of participation. It would appear that the effort and time involved in processing m-marketing messages are not important factors in the decision to participate in m-marketing schemes.