Globalization and the changing measurement of education and training

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Assumption University, Thailand


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Communications and Contemporary Arts




Yek, T. & Van Onselen, P. (2005). Globalization and the Changing Measurement of Education and Training. International Conference on Educational Leadership. (pp. 29-60). Bangkok, Thailand: Assumption University, Thailand. Conference website available here.


Globalization in the age of the Internet and communication technology has brought about unprecedented changes in education and training. The number of international university organizations has skyrocketed from just a handful at the turn of the 20th century to hundreds today. Technology, coupled with growing interest in education as a business, has changed the face of education and training. Corporate universities, which provide in-house education and training for transnational and multinational corporations, and their strategic partners, are projected to overtake traditional universities in number by the year 2010. With the worldwide drive towards privatization and commercialization gathering momentum, we are seeing an increased use of business management tools in both public and private education and training organizations. Are these institutions in danger of shifting their primary focus to the business and economic aspects? This paper examines the changing education and training environment and corresponding measurement in the wake of globalization.