Evaluating 'Better Beginnings': A family literacy program in Western Australia

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Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Education / Fogarty Learning Centre




Barret-Pugh, C., Rohl, M., & Elderfield, J. (2005). Evaluating ‘Better Beginnings’ A Family Literacy Program in Western Australia. Questions of Quality, 292.


Better Beginnings is part of the Western Australian Government’s Early Years’ Strategy. It is an early intervention family literacy program, designed to provide positive literacy influences for children in their first three years of life and builds on Bookstart (Wade and Moore, 1993; 1998) and related initiatives in the UK. The program, which is currently underway in six diverse communities across Western Australia, involves families, health professionals and local librarians. This paper focuses on an evaluation of the program that is being undertaken by Edith Cowan University. The aim of the research is to assess the impact of the program on early literacy practices and to identify processes that help or hinder its implementation. Some preliminary findings are presented…

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