Aesthetic Solidarity and Ethical Holism Towards an Ecopedagogy

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Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Education / Fogarty Learning Centre




Lummis, G. (2005). Aesthetic Solidarity and Ethical Holism Towards an Ecopedagogy. In International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities.


The world's leading scientists are emphatic, stating that Western material reproduction is not sustainable in its present form.Specialisation in Western science and technology has provided Western polities with insight into universal processes, at the same time separating and objectifying much of the sensuous experience of ecologically systems from our life-world experience. In order to avoid an ecological catastrophe in this century, human survival hinges upon the global development of a new pedagogy that is inclusive of the Earth's ecology. I suggest an ecologically-centred pedagogy, in which the human ability .to reason might become balanced with aesthetic capacities to think holistically. At a macro level, Western humanity must position this ecopedagogy to reorientate: politics; economics; science and technology, with the sensate of the Earth's ancient evolutionary processes. Humanity needs to consciously consider a new global political solidarity towards the ecosphere, reinforced by the fact that the human neurological-cultural realm has evolved from and is still dependent upon healthy and diverse ecological systems. This notion of solidarity is premised on the fact that humanity is an outcome of the ecosphere, it is not separate, or superior to the gestalt of life and living.

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