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Ellis, K. (2009, July). A Quest through Chaos: My Narrative of Illness and Recovery. In Gender Forum (No. 26, p. N_A). Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier. Available here


Narrative is vital, as the ill person works out their changing identity, and position in the world of health, continuing when they are no longer ill, but remain marked by their experience. 2 Following the tradition of illness auto ethnographers (Frank, The Wounded Storyteller; Ettore; Rier), this article critically examines the role of narrative throughout recovery from serious illness or trauma by connecting the (my) autobiographical to the social, political and cultural. The focus then shifts to the recent emergence of illness narrative blogging to consider their cultural significance before exploring stigma and resistance to the telling of illness narratives and offering conclusions towards this end. 3 Although influenced by medical sociologists such as Arthur Frank and Elizabeth Ettorre, I write this article as a critical disability theorist seeking to refine the social model of disability in order to recognize the impact of impairment and illness on those who find benefit from a social understanding of disability.

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