Creating Scales to Measure Reading Comprehension, and Attitude and Behaviour for Prathom (Grade) 7 Students Taught ESL Through Genre-Based Method in Thailand

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Waugh, R. F., Bowering, M. H., & Torok, S. (2005). Creating scales to measure reading comprehension, and attitude and behaviour for Prathom (grade) 7 students taught ESL through Genre-Based method in Thailand. In R. Waugh (Ed.), Frontiers in Educational Psychology (pp. 133-173). New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers. Available here


A questionnaire involving attitudes and behaviour towards genre-based learning of English as a second language (based on text, inter-personal relations, and behavioural controls) was given to 300 prathom 7 (grade 7) students in Thailand. A Rasch analysis was performed to create a linear scale using 18 of the original 48 items (each answered in two perspectives, an ideal and an actual). These data had good reliability and validity, and supported a modified structure of attitudes and behaviour, from which valid and reliable inferences could be made. A Rasch analysis was performed on data from a separate reading comprehension test (based on three kinds of genre texts) with the same 300 prathom 7 students using 18 of an original 60 items. These data fitted the measurement model well, but had a low Index of Separation for these students. Both scales were used in an experiment described in the next chapter on genre-based teaching versus traditional teaching learning of English as a second language.