Looking at E-Learning and Remote Supervision from a student perspective

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Pagram, J. (2005). Looking at E-Learning and Remote Supervision from a student perspective. In: Neary, S., Goetschmann, L., Snider, S., & Hensman, J. (Eds.). ICEL 2005 Proceedings. Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand: Assumption University.


New technologies are being used and developed to enable students around the world to study online using the same materials. One can sit at home in Bangkok or London and study online for a US Degree or sit in Chiang Mai and study online for a Master of Education from Perth. Most research in this field has investigated e-learning from the perspective of the content provider and focused upon economics and delivery. But will this global trend comes issues that go beyond those of content, delivery and even language. Does the culture and learning style of the intended f earner affect tl1eir interpretation of the materials provided? Are we delivering what students need or want?

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