Culture Clash: E-Learning vs Culture and Learning Style

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Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Education




Originally published as: Pagram, JE., & Pagram, P. (2005). Culture Clash: E-Learning vs Culture and Learning Style. In the Proceedings of the International Conference on Experiential Learning 2005. (pp. 19 - 28).


Globally education has become just another product. Through elearning it is possible to live in Bangkok or Chiang Mai and study online for a Degree or Doctorate from Australia or the US. Universities and schools in Thailand are responding to this global trend and moving ahead with e-learning plans of their own. With this change to education come issues like how the culture and learning style of the intended learner are accommodated and what is gained and lost when we move learning from the classroom to cyberspace This paper looks at these issues from a Thai perspective through the eyes of its authors, one of whom is Thai and one is Australian. It examines the way Thai students are taught to learn and how this learned behaviour supports and protects traditional Thai culture. The tradition that clashes with the pedagogy of elearning materials intended for a world audience.

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