Bucking the Zeitgeist: Positioning doctoral research through creativity

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Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Education




Tarricone, P. (2004). Bucking the Zeitgeist': positioning doctoral research through creativity. In AARE 2004 International Educational Research Conference. Australian Association for Research in Education.


Drawing from relevant theoretical discussions on creativity this paper promotes creativity as an essential foundation, instigator, and positioner of doctoral research. Acknowledging and focusing on the role that creativity plays in positioning doctoral research can aid in dispelling the pressure on doctoral research to 'fit into the norm' and encourage research which 'bucks the zeitgeist'. Issues are identified which inhibit creativity, and suggestions are made for supervisors, mentors, and doctoral researchers regarding how to support, promote and position innovative, creative doctoral research in education. Based upon these discussions this paper takes the position that doctoral research in education can provide benefits in not just traditionally accepted and supported ways of school or university research, but also in research that extends knowledge through the conceptual exploration of theoretical constructs. This researcher's own PhD research in progress is referred to as an example of how creative processes are permeated throughout the study and are taken seriously by both the researcher and supervisor.

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