Fibre Diffraction of Hair can Provide a Screening Test for Alzheimer's Disease: a Human and Animal Model Study

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This article was originally published as: James, V., Richardson, J., Robertson, T., Papadimitriou, J., Dutton, N., Maley, M., Berstein, L., Lantseva, O., & Martins, R. N. (2005). Fibre diffraction of hair can provide a screening test for Alzheimer's Disease: a human and animal model study. Medical Science Monitor, 11(2), 53-57. Original article available here


Studies of molecular changes in hair as possible biomarkers for specific cancers revealed an additional molecular change in the diffraction patterns of some persons aged over 75. This change was found to correlate with the presence of Alzheimer's disease. To confirm this correlation and its relation to the presence of a human APP mutation known to definitely cause AD, hairs were examined from AD patients, pregnant women known to have an increase in in plasma beta amyloid and transgenic mice carrying a mutated human APP gene.

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