Teen Pregnancy - A Program for Awarness and Health Education

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Journal Article


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Nursing, Midwifery and Postgrad Medicine / SIRCH




McCormack, B., & Sim, M. G. (2005). Teen pregnancy: A program for awareness and health education. Australian family physician, 34(1-2), 17-20. Available here


BACKGROUND: Baby Think It Over is a health program that provides Perth adolescents in metropolitan schools with a 'virtual' parenting experience using an infant simulation program. Baby Think It Over seeks to modify attitudes toward teen pregnancy and parenting and to delay pregnancy until the participants have a better understanding of the demands and responsibilities of caring for an infant. At the same time, this program provides an opportunity to introduce adolescents to health services within their community with a particular focus on general practice. OBJECTIVE: This article describes the methodology and qualitative assessment of the program, examines some outcomes associated with its uptake and lessons learnt in its implementation. DISCUSSION: The program demonstrates that divisions of general practice can work together with schools to deliver innovative programs. The value of projects like this is in the community partnerships and social capital that they build across the health and education sector.