An Optical Beam Steering Backplane Architecture for an Opto-ULSI Processor

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Conference Proceeding


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School of Engineering and Mathematics




Lee, S.M., Lachowicz, S., & Rassau, A. (2005). An Optical Beam Steering Backplane Architecture for an Opto-ULSI Processor. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems MIXDES 2005. Krakow, Poland: Technical University of Lodz, Poland.


This project investigates an optimum phase design implementing a 256 phase Opto-ULSI processor for multi-function capable optical networks. The design of an 8 phase processor is already in construction and will provide the initial base for experimentation and characterisation. The challenge is to be able to compensate for the nonlinearity of the liquid crystal, find an optimum phase, and implement a larger scale Opto-ULSI processor. This research is oriented around the initial development of an 8. phase Opto-ULSI processor that impleme11ts a Beam Steering (BS) Opto-ULSl processor (OUP) for integrated intelligent photonic system (llPS), while investigating the optimal phase characteristics and developing compensation for the nonlinearity of liquid crystal.