RFID-Evaluation of Tag Security Schemes

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Information Science /Centre for Security Research




Bolan, C. (2005). RFID-Evaluation of Tag Security Schemes. In proceedings of the Proceedings of 6th Australian Information Warfare & Security Conference. Melbourne, VIC: Deakin University


With the adoption of mandatory RFID standards by the US Department of Defence and Walmart, RFID technology is poised to become a mainstay in inventory tracking as well as numerous other applications. This is coupled with an increased awareness of the potential of RFID technology across a range of applications and as a new source of information emerge new points of attack. Due to cost issues most proposals focus on securing the RFJD reader rather than the tag. This paper investigates some of the proposals for securing RFID tags from potential misuse through authentication and encryption and compares the schemes with the guidelines of Zhang & King. The analysis shows that while the first criterion of secure tag communication is being directly addressed the remaining criteria for secure systems are ignored or dismissed.

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