Mobile Phone Use among Full time Students of Edith Cowan University: A Pilot Study

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Journal Article


Australian Institute of Environmental Health


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Science




Oosthuizen, J. (2005). Mobile Phone Use among Full time Students of Edith Cowan University: A Pilot Study. Environmental Health, 5(2), 55.


A cross-sectional survey among students at Edith Cowan University quantified mobile phone use patterns and symptoms associated with the use of mobiles. Individuals may be exposed to 239 476.22 J per kilogram measured over 10 grams of tissue per year through conventional use. SMS messaging could expose the hand to 252 562.13 J per kilogram measured over 10g of tissue per year. Seventeen percent of the students reported headache, 38% heat sensations in the ear, and 6% pain in the region where the mobile is worn. Mobile phone use among Australian teenagers has grown significantly over the last decade. Young adults are particularly at risk, as they will use mobile phones for many years. In planning for the protection of this group, current and predicted levels of exposure need to be quantified. Exposures of the hand during SMS messaging, and of the groin and waist region where mobiles are carried need further investigation. A cohort of young mobile phone users needs to be established to determine long term health impacts. There is sufficient concern to employ a precautionary approach and children and young adults should be advised to minimise their exposure to mobile phones.