Computers, ICTs and Online Curriculum: A Role for the Teacher Librarian

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Combes, B. (2005). Computers, ICTs and Online Curriculum: A Role for the Teacher Librarian. Proceedings of Information Leadership in a Culture of Change. (pp. 1-14). Hong Kong. IASL.Conference proceedings available here.


During the last thirty years the rapid development of technology has left many educators struggling to come to terms with the changes the integration of technology brings to the teaching-learning environment. Governments and education administrators around the world are currently diverting limited resources into the provision of infrastructure and computers in the belief that the use of technology as a means of education delivery has the potential to significantly enhance teaching strategies and resources currently available to schools. For schools and teachers, the push for the implementation of technology from the administrative levels has meant changes to the learning environment, the necessity to acquire new skills and issues of accountability. Thus the impact of technology in education and on learning has been the subject of much debate and an increasing body oj research has endeavoured to assess the impact of various technologies on student learning, with mixed results. The purpose of this article is to briefly review the research on the impact of technology in education, determine some of the recurrent issues identified by the research and to examine the role of the teacher librarian as a possible facilitator for change and the effective integration of technology in the curriculum.