Leisure futures, leisure cultures: An introduction

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Book Chapter


Praxis Education

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Quinns Rocks, W.A.


S. Colyer & F. Lobo


Faculty of Faculty of Business and Public Management


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




Colyer, S., & Lobo, J. (2003). Leisure futures, leisure cultures: An introduction. In: Colyer, S., & Lobo, J. (eds) Leisure futures, leisure cultures - Selection of papers from the 5th ANZALS and 3rd Women in Leisure International Conferences. Praxis Education: Quinns Rock, WA.


The 5th Biennial International Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS), in conjunction with the 3rd Women in Leisure International Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia. The theme of the conference was Leisure Futures, Leisure Cultures. The location of the conference reflected the theme. Fremantle offered delegates a unique experience of history, culture and a glimpse of the future. This edited book contains fourteen articles carefully selected from over 100 refereed papers, poster and workshop presentations made over a five-day period . Leisure remains prominent in the lifestyle debate and these the papers address the increasing demands on modern society to achieve cultural diversity and harmony in constructed and natural environments. The book contributes to understanding the future of leisure in its many forms and diverse cultural perspectives. This publication focuses on leisure through the lifespan; leisure tourism and the outdoors; and leisure and cultural issues.