Design management in a design-construct organisation

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Conference Proceeding


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Smith, J., Georgiou, J., O’Keeffe, N., & Love, P. (2003, January). Design management in a design-construct organization. In Proceedings of ARCOM Nineteenth Annual Conference (pp. 131-140). ARCOM.


As clients have become more aware and demanding of the construction industry, they are also less tolerant of the management of its problems and the risks involved in the delivery of major projects. Identification and allocation of risk is one of the most critical processes in the early stages of project development. Often it is the deciding factor in the selection of the building process and of the type of procurement method adopted to manage the various project risks. The emergence of different forms of procurement, and in particular, design-construct and novation, requires the design-construct contractor to not only accept the risks associated with the construction of the works, but also of the design management during the design development of the project. With the increasing requirement for design-construct contractors to balance the cost management issues and design development through the various stages, the role of the design manager as information manager has evolved and expanded in importance. This paper presents a case study of design management within a design-construct organization on a large residential apartment project. It identifies and analyses issues concerned with the organization, responsibilities, relationships and stages of development in a typical design-construct project.