Differences in the Start-Up Goals and Later Satisfaction of Women Small Business Proprietors in Western Australia: A Comparison Across Years

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Joondalup, W.A. : School of Management, ECU


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This article was originally published as: Still, L., Soutar, G., & Walker, E. A. (2003). Differences in the start-up goals and later satisfaction of women small business proprietors in Western Australia: A comparison across years. Proceedings of Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference. Fremantle, WA . Joondalup, W.A. : School of Management, ECU. Conference website available here


This paper examines the start-up goals of a sample of women small business proprietors from Western Australia and their later satisfaction with the achievement of these goals across two time periods, using samples obtained in 1996 and 2003. The changes in both start-up objectives and satisfaction across time are examined in a variety of ways and the implications of the changes found are discussed. There has been little examination of such factors over time and the results suggest that, while there has been little change in start-up objectives, there has been a significant shift in satisfaction.