Issues affecting benefit realisation in electronic commerce

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Public Management


School of Management




Stockdale, R., & Standing, C. (2003) Issues Affecting Benefit Realisation in Electronic Marketplaces. Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Information Systems New Paradigms in Organisations, Markets and Society. Naples, Italy: University of Naples.


In the complex and dynamic environment of electronic marketplaces, organisations need to identify the issues that will impact on their identification and realisation of benefits. This research uses a case study of a multinational organisation to further an understanding of the perceived benefits gained in the early stages of participation in an e-marketplace for the purchase of goods and services. The research uses a framework of IS evaluation taxonomies to identify where anticipated benefits lie. The issues affecting the realisation of these benefits are then discussed to distinguish their potential relevance to other organisations. Lessons for prospective e-marketplace participants emphasise the need for detailed planning for early recognition of information needs and of structures for managing communication flows. Other lessons highlight the importance of recognising the impact of participation on individuals and on relationships. Two lessons of particular significance relate to the identification of the wider issues that may affect the realisation of organisational benefits, and the importance of considering the wider environment. An understanding of the issues from an early stage will enable organisations to make more informed choices about emarketplaces and facilitate the recognition of further benefits and relevant issues as the marketplace environment evolves.

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