The Impact of Push/Pull Factors in Information Technology - Facilitated Knowledge Transfer

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Gururajan, V., & Fink, D. (2003). The impact of push/pull factors in information technology-facilitated knowledge transfer. In Surfing the waves: 17th ANZAM Conference. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University. Abstract only available at https://ro.ecu.edu.au/ecuworks/7140/


Among the many Knowledge Management issues, the transfer of knowledge is one of the least researched. Its importance is easily recognised since it provides for an expansion of the organisation's knowledge base. Effective transfer of knowledge depends on finding the balance between Information Technology, techniques in facilitating the process and the behaviour of people. This occurs when there is a balance between the "push" and the "pull" processes. There are several factors such as motivation, absorptive capacity, richness of transmission, retention and regeneration, causal ambiguity, trust, and culture that influence the effective transfer of knowledge and hence the equilibrium between "push" and "pull" in the transfer of knowledge. The paper proposes research questions and a model to address this challenge.

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