A federated planning model for staged e-business implementation

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Public Management


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Burn, J., & Ash, C. (2003). A federated planning model for staged e-business Implementation. In Proceedings 14th Australasian Conference of Information Systems - Delivering IT and E-business value in networked environments.


This paper presents a model for federated planning derived from the results of a longitudinal analysis of e­business implementations. This involved a study of eleven international organisations over a four-year period using multiple interviews and extensive secondary data collection. Three separate research models were used to analyse different stages of e-business growth and the results of this multi-stage analysis consolidated into a staged model of e-business implementation. This brings together the antecedents of e-business progress using the case findings of the three separate research models; B2B interaction, e-business change, and virtual organising. The federated planning model demonstrates to senior managers what they need to consider during the various stages of e-business transformation and appropriate planning and evaluation approaches. In particular, the model identifies the 'critical' areas when new approaches to planning and change management need to be adopted throughout the organisation. The model focuses on realising the benefits of B2B interaction through the application of different e-business strategies, increasing emphasis on employee empowerment and successful management of alliances within customer and supply chains.

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